Logan & District RSl Sub Branch was formed and received it’s RSL Queensland Charter on 17th March 1983.

In 2002 the RSL Sub Branch became an Incorporated entity and received it’s new RSL Queensland Charter on 13th September 2002 as Logan & District RSL Sub Branch Incorporated.

Our Sub Branch is a Sub Branch of RSL Queensland and was formed in the traditional RSL QLD model. This Sub Branch like RSL QLD, is an apolitical organisation run by it’s members, for it’s members including members of the ex-service community, currently serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the community in general.



We do not have “Poker Machine” or Night Club type facilities. We are fully staffed 100% by non-paid volunteers giving their all for you.
We are truly a “Non-Paid” and “Non-Profit” organisation.non-paid_logo

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As part of RSL Queensland we fully supportive of it in all it’s aims and missions which are:-

The RSL’s Mission

The Returned & Services League of Australia (Queensland Branch) is established for the principal purpose of promoting the interests and welfare of former and serving members of the Australia Defence Force and their dependants by:

  • Assisting and caring for the sick, elderly and needy.
  • Preserving the memory and records of those who served, suffered and died for the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Encouraging members of the League and citizens to serve the Nation with a spirit of self-sacrifice and loyalty.
  • Nurturing of the youth of Australia to ensure that the strength, vitality and securing of our Nation is preserved and enhanced.

Why The RSL Exists

Committees and office bearers are elected and organised at local levels which are called  “Sub Branches and Districts” who are responsible to State Branch level. The latter in turn are responsible to the National Branch.

These committees exist to provide a voice to veterans and those currently serving, and to provide them with the assistance they require in accessing the welfare and entitlements they deserve.

League polices on such matters as Veterans’ needs, the national flag, Defence Force conditions of service, Defence Service homes; medical and hospital benefits and compensation are reviewed regularly and form the basis on which the RSL voices its opinion on these and other national issues.