Living Alone? Feeling Vulnerable?
Do You Worry About The Prospect of Being Alone When An Emergency Occurs?

Imagine for a moment how good it would feel, to be able to sit back and relax, knowing that help is at your fingertips, any time day or night?

MEDICAL ALARM rented from LOGAN RSL Sub Branch is your answer.

Our unit is:-

  • Very simple to operate.
  • Plugs into your home phone.
  • You wear a small waterproof pendant which contains a RED button.
  • No struggling for the phone or dialing is necessary.
  • Press the Red button on your pendant or the alarm unit and talk in your normal voice.
  • Our friendly professional fully trained emergency operator will assist you 24 hrs / 7 Days a week.
  • The operator will stay on the line until help arrives. The operator will also keep your nominated relative or friend advised.
medical alarm bracelet
  • Our operators are selected for their caring attitude and on their aptitude to handle emergencies swiftly and professionally.
  • You call in even if you are feeling unsafe or something in your home needs emergency attention.
  • The operator will get help for you even if they can’t hear you.
  • Once installed we completely look after the machine FREE OF CHARGE (except if it has been abused or not our fault).
  • You are not signed up to any contract… However the equipment that you rend from us remains the property of the LOGAN & DISTRICT RSL Sub Branch INC.

A note from our President Ken Heard OAM

What Is The Next Step?

A PROFESSIONALLY MONITORED RSL MEDICAL ALARM (NBN Ready) is the fastest way to get you the assistance you need.

You deserve professional help by people 24/7  who are trained to provide it! (and that is the monitoring service that we provide)

Once our alarm has been installed you do not have any worries and all Emergency calls are Free .

We install it… We maintain it… and in the unlikely event that it malfunctions, we will replace it FREE of Charge for you within 24 hours. 

Remember… You do not have to be a member of the RSL to use this service!

We now also Rent out alarms without the monitoring service (In this case we will still look after the unit Free of Charge but it is entirely your responsibility to arrange and provide family,friends or another person to monitor your calls)

Call Dianne at Logan RSL Sub Branch on  0400 816 018 to find out how you can get a MEDICAL ALARM for you and your home.(No contracts are involved  and you can even arrange for a FREE demonstration in the privacy of your own residence)